More National Standards Released to Improve People's Livelihood 2019-04-19
      SAMR and SAC recently released a total of 186 national standards closely related to the hot issues of social and public concern, covering many fields such as registration of real estates, vehicle safety, equipment manufacturing, public facilities and environmental protection.
First Batch of National Standards on Industrial Poverty Allevi... 2018-05-30
      Four national standards and 11 national standardization technical guides on industrial poverty alleviation were jointly released by SAMR and SAC in May, which are the first of its kind in China.
390 National Standards Issued to Better Support Social Develop... 2018-05-30
      SAMR and SAC jointly issued 390 national standards on May 17, 2018, which cover many fields closely related to economic and social development and people’s livelihood, such as public safety, society and livelihood and product quality.
First Standard for Kids Smartwatches Released in China 2018-04-04
      In recent years, smartwatches for kids have gradually become rigid demands, but problems such as the lack of product safety standards also arouse many worries.
China Contributes to IEC Standards for Building Intercom Systems 2018-04-04
      The last of the five IEC 62820 standards for building intercom systems (BIS) was officially released by IEC in February, marking the final completion of five international standards for BIS developed under the leading effort of China.