Random Check on Association and Enterprise Standards Underway 2019-07-30
      SAMR issued the guideline for conducting random check on association standards and enterprise standards in early June, to ensure the implementation of "the random check and disclosure" regulation at all aspects of market regulation.
Consumption upgrade? Standards have know-hows. 2019-07-18
      SAC released the "special action plan for consumer product national standards (2019)" to reinforce the construction of standards system in the field of consumer products and promote the improvement of their standards and quality.
Belt and Road Forum Reaches a Consensus on Standards Cooperation 2019-07-18
      Tsub-forum on policy connectivity of the second BRF gathered over 300 participants on April 25 to showcase the latest progress, outcomes and experience in policy connectivity since the first BRF.
2019-2020 Priorities of the National Standardization Reform Plan 2019-06-05
      A series of arrangements are made to ensure the practical landing of key priorities of the third phase for the ongoing national standardization reform.
Standards Action Plan Injects Vitality to the BRI 2019-06-05
      Significant progresses have been made in the implementation of two rounds of the Action Plan for Connectivity of Standards on Joint Efforts to Build the Belt and Road Initiative in 2015-2017 and 2018-2020.